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Ideas for adding natural elements to your outdoor play space

by Marius Hardut last modified Dec 11, 2014 06:15 PM
There are many ways you can incorporate natural elements into your backyard or playground.

You all know how I love natural play spaces for children.  Research shows that natural environments are beneficial to children in many ways - or as my friend Marghanita Hughes more poetically puts it:

"When children and nature mix, something magical happens – every child deserves that Magic!"

So it goes without saying that I am thrilled our new Early Years Learning Framework agrees:

Play spaces in natural environments include plants, trees, edible gardens, sand, rocks, mud, water and other elements from nature. These spaces invite open-ended interactions, spontaneity, risk-taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature.
They foster an appreciation of the natural environment, develop environmental awareness and provide a platform for ongoing environmental education.  Belonging, Being and Becoming, The Early Years Learning Framework, 2009

Giant tree stumps form the border around Teacher Tom's new sandpit, creating stepping stones, seats or a handy play surface

Arranging stumps at different heights around a sandpit can create an extra element of challenge

Structures like willow huts, sunflower houses or bean teepees create natural hideouts for children, but how about super sizing this concept and going for a living tunnel

The whole article can be found on our friends web site

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